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Training Brussels 2018

Digital devices and online communications are now commonly used as instruments for criminal activities. Due to exponential increase in use of social media and mobile data, there is also a wealth of intelligence available from online sources. This may be useful for internal or external investigations, screening, recovering stolen goods or other intelligence reconnaissance.

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EUROCITY, a leader in the supply of Cyber Security, Penetration Testing and Information Assurance Consultancy and           Blackstage Forensics, Cybercrime Advisors & Specialists in Digital Forensics are pleased to announce the launch of this training in Brussels. A four-day intensive open source practical course aimed at developing delegates’ skills in understanding the Internet & Social Media and how to effectively use them as investigative tools.

Four-day intensive hands-on training for individuals who need to gather intelligence via the internet.
Topics covered include:

A complete one day training session on gathering intelligence from Facebook

Safety & security – how to protect our identities whilst exploring online sources

Ethics, safety, privacy and operational issues which may arise when undertaking online research

Use of smart phones within social media investigations

Digital photographs in an investigation

Use of usernames, email addresses and mobile phone numbers within investigations

Digital profiling, workflows and connecting intelligence artefacts within investigations

Risks to organisations from smart phones, social media and their mitigation

Brief overview of virtualisation of Android mobile device platform within Windows.

After this training, you will have the practical skills and knowledge to effectively carry out online intelligence gathering in a safe and structured manner. In addition, you will:

Have an overview of today’s digital world, including what digital devices are capable of, such as geo-location, metadata, digital images and how they can leave a digital footprint

Know the methods for recording & capturing data

Master the use of browsers and their purpose and their use in open source investigations, including use of add-ons, plug-ins, bookmarks etc

Have learnt about the exploration of advanced techniques in the use of search engines

Have learnt the software tools for open source social media exploration

Know the methods for investigating the main social media sites and social media apps

Be able to automate the collection of critical data from web and social media sources using free web tools and technologies

This specialised training is particularly relevant for:


Law enforcement professionals

Security Analysts, Researchers and Consultants

Foreign affairs professionals

Loss prevention Managers

Chief Information officers

Enforcement Officers

Security and Defence Professionals


Diplomatic Staff

Course Details & Requirements:

All delegates are required to bring a laptop with them and they should have administrative rights access to this device. They will be required to create an email account and some social media passive accounts. More details will be provided prior to the training.

23 – 26 January 2018
Fee: EUR 1,500 (excl. VAT)

The maximum number of participants per training is limited to 10 participants in order to ensure a greater level of interaction and support from the instructor.

The training will run from 09:00-16:00. This includes a 45 minute break for lunch and two coffee breaks. Lunch, coffee and snacks will be provided.

This training will be delivered in English.

Course Delivery

The course is organised by EUROCITY, an independent Belgian company, founded in 1992, which provides Staffing and Consultancy solutions to a number of public and private sector organisations throughout Europe.

Our mission is to offer our clients the highest possible level of professional service and personalised assistance, with best-of-breed Consultancy supplied in accordance with our robust ISO 9001 quality methodology.

The company’s personnel are multi-cultural and multi- lingual with 23 nationalities represented. Our experts are supporting organisations in the ATM, Defence, Banking and TMT sectors.

The course will be delivered by David Benford MSc, who is an internationally renowned open source intelligence and forensics specialist, specialising in criminal risks derived from social media and emerging technologies.

As well as training military, law enforcement, government operatives and corporations in this field, David lectures in cybercrime and digital forensics at the University of Derby.

He is an experienced digital forensic scientist, a published academic and recently has delivered specialist training to organisations such as the European Council, European Commission Security Directorate, multiple police agencies globally, as well as military, logistics industries, intelligence agencies and diplomats.

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